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How to link your OVH domain name

1. Setup your custom domain

Log in to your Manager space on the OVH website.
Select your domain name under the domain names category. Let's take as an example for this guide

Go to DNS zone

Remove those 3 lines if they exist_:_ click on the 3 dots button and then delete record\
- 0 A\
\- 0 A\
\- 0 TXT xxxxxxxxx\
\- 0 TXT 3|welcome

Click on add an entry button, choose CNAME

Add www (or another subdomain if you want) as Sub-domain, and as target.

Click on Next button then Confirm button.

Go to Masjidbox Dashboard
Click on Pages menu, Settings submenu and then Domain Name section

add as your domain name, and click on button

the domain name should be ok after 5 minutes. If not, please contact our support team.

Go back to your Manager space on the OVH website.
Go to Redirection, and click on Add a redirection button

Keep the field blank and click on Next

Select "to a web address" and click on Next

Select "a visible redirection" and click on Next

Select "Permanent" , add as the web address, and click on Next

Click on Confirm

Updated on: 09/04/2023

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