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Step 1: Create your Android Developer account

It is necessary to register for a Google Developer Account to publish your Android apps. The Developer account is where you will submit, as well as manage, your Android apps.

Go to this page
Make sure you are signed in with the correct google account.

You must create an Organization developer account and not individual/personal. This will allow Masjidbox to develop apps and upload them for you.

It is recommended not to use your personal Google account for this purpose. Instead, set up a second Google account for publishing apps so that you can separate it from your other Google services.

Click on Create account, and then To manage my business
ill in all the fields : First name, last name, username, and password
Fill in your Phone number
Accept all terms and click on Create Account
Accept the developer agreement and Click on Continue to Payment
Complete the Purchase details to upgrade your account to a Google Developer Account then click on Buy button

Google requires a one-time 25€ fee to create a developer account.

Complete the details of your account : Developer name, email address and phone number

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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