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How to Disable "Still Watching" on Fire Stick

With Amazon's recent update you may start seeing a "Still Watching?" dialog box that prompts the user after 4-6 hours of inactivity. The recent update set the default setting to "ON", so if you do not respond to the dialog the device will go to sleep.

Follow the steps below to disable this feature and keep your device from falling asleep. We recommend completely disabling this pop-up to avoid interrupting your menu.

If the pop-up is currently on screen: Press " Don't show again ". This will turn the feature off and save this in settings.

You can also disable the feature in the device's system settings by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Visit system preferences

From the Firestick home screen, press the "⚙️" to pull up the system settings dashboard. Then press "Preferences".

Step 2: Click "Data Usage Monitoring"

Step 3: Turn "Still Watching" setting to "Off"

From the Data Usage Monitoring screen, toggle the feature named "Still Watching" to "Off."

After completing the steps above, the pop-up should no longer appear.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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